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The WorldVistA EHR software and associated documentation are based on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ VistA software application, released through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). Features of the VistA (FOIA) software are listed below. In addition, WorldVistA EHR includes key enhancements designed to meet the specific needs of private physician offices.

VistA software (FOIA) features

Capabilities of the VistA software (FOIA) application includes the following core functionality:

  • Standard Progress Note Templates – The fully functional Veteran’s Administration (VA) VistA software is rich with pre-defined progress note templates. These templates have been imported directly from the VA National Library without modification.
  • Create, Edit, and Customize Templates – To speed document creation, personalized templates can be created to fit the specific needs of individual practices. Personalized templates may be created from scratch or edited from existing templates. Templates are used to create progress notes, complete consults, and write discharge summaries.
  • Clinical Reminders – The Clinical Reminders package is a valuable aid in patient treatment. Reminders assist clinical decision-making and educate providers about appropriate care. The primary goal of clinical reminders is to provide relevant information to providers, at the point of care, for improving patient care.
  • Graphing – The VistA software has a graphing feature, which allows users to view lab test results and vital signs in a graph. Each occurrence of a test or vital sign is a point on the graph. The Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) component draws lines between the points to form a visual representation that can help you see trends. Dotted red lines show the high and low reference values for lab tests.
  • Reporting – The VistA software has a report construction feature which allows each site to individually run reports related to patient data. Clinical reports available from VistA include: Health Summary, Vitals Cumulative, Nutritional Assessment, Daily Order Summary and Oder Summary for a Date Range.
  • HIPAA Compliant – The VistA software supports HIPAA standards, including role-based access for security controls, electronic signature required for approval of orders, and audit capability.
  • Codified Data – The VistA software supports the requirements for codified data, including diagnosis data using ICD-9 codes.
  • Risk, Social and Medical Factors – For each new patient, the VistA software has the capability to capture and store risk, social and medical factors; including, but not limited to the following:  Tobacco use and history including number of years and packs per day (PPD), Alcohol use history, Drug use history, Occupational environment, Marital status, Occupation, Religious preference, Ethnicity, Healthcare surrogate with alert, Guardian/legal representative with alert.
  • Hospitalization – The VistA software is able to document discharge summary hospitalization data, as well as procedure and diagnosis-related information.
  • Immunization History – The VistA software captures history of received immunizations.
  • Laboratory Functionalities – Once the laboratory orderable list has been configured, the VistA software includes capabilities for ordering laboratory tests and reviewing results.
  • Pharmacy Functionalities – Once a drug list has been configured, medication orders can be placed and filled from local stocks of medications while providing full auditing of all medication orders within the medication profile.

WorldVistA EHR features:

The following features were added to the VistA software distributed through FOIA to better serve the needs of physician offices.

  • Simplified Installation – Clear and concise directions will be provided to install WorldVistA EHR.
  • Pediatrics – WorldVistA EHR provides the following pediatric functionality including: Pediatric progress note templates based on the Indian Health Services (IHS) progress note templates and American Academy of Pediatric Bright Futures templates.
  • OB/GYN Templates – WorldVistA EHR provides OB/GYN progress note templates based on the Indian Health Services (IHS) progress note templates.
  • Patient Registration – WorldVistA EHR has the ability to register patients of all types. New fields have been added to the registration process that are specific to physician offices.
  • Risk, Social and Medical Factors – For each new patient, the system has the capability to capture and store risk, social, and medical factors. WorldVistA EHR has added the following factors: Native language, Translator needed, Mother / Father – Country of birth, and Year arrived in U.S.
  • Medical Record Numbers Allowed – WorldVistA EHR was modified to allow physician offices to use social security numbers or medical record numbers to identify patients.
  • DOQ-IT (Doctor’s Office Quality-Information Technology) Reminders – WorldVistA EHR DOQ-IT Reminders include:
    • DOQ-IT Registration Reminders – Registration reminders are triggered once a patient meets eligibility requirements for the DOQ-IT program.
    • Clinical Reminders related to the Registered DOQ-IT measure
    • Codified Data – System supports the requirements for codified data specified by the DOQ-IT quality improvement measures.
  • Documentation – Online help is contained within the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) component of WorldVistA EHR. Technical manuals and User Guides are available with the WorldVistA EHR software.
  • Standard Orderable Files – Standard Laboratory and Medication orderable files will be included with WorldVistA EHR. These files consist of tests related to the DOQ-IT measures. In addition, the medication orderable file contains the top 100 most prescribed medications.
  • Pharmacy Functionalities – WorldVistA EHR has the ability to print prescriptions for signature and fax prescriptions to a local pharmacy with an electronic signature.

WorldVistA EHR capabilities: “Beyond the basics”

Beyond the basic functions and features of WorldVistA EHR, the system provides a structure for adding the following features:

  • Laboratory Interface – WorldVistA EHR provides a platform for building interfaces to external lab services enabling automated order entry and results reporting.
  • Billing/Practice Management Interface – WorldVistA EHR provides an open source integration platform to build interfaces to Billing/Practice Management systems.
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