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WorldVistA EHR 2.0 General Download and Installation Instructions

The following steps outline how to download and install a basic version of WorldVistA EHR:

Decide on whether you will implement a Windows or Linux based system. There are two server platform options, either Linux, which provides a full open source stack using Fidelity's GT.M database and one of the popular Linux distributions, or the MS Windows server which will require obtaining a Cache database license and software from Intersystems Corporation.


The server and client software can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

WorldVistA EHR 2.0 - Server Software

WorldVistA EHR 2.0 - Client Software

Installation Guides

Download the installation guides at the following links:


Installing WorldVistA EHR 2.0 on GT.M and Linux

Installing WorldVistA EHR 2.0 on Single User version of Intersystems Cache


WorldVistA EHR and VistA Demos

There are a number of easily installed demonstration systems as well as videos that are excellent tools for becoming familiar with WorldVistA EHR and its VistA foundation software. The various demos that are currently available can be found at the following link:


WorldVistA EHR Demos



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