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Open Source VistA Platform

The complete Open Source VistA stack consists of:

The combination of the GNU tools and the Linux kernel, which together provide a robust, scalable OSFS operating system.

Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture, a Healthcare Information System (HIS). VistA is widely believed to be the largest integrated HIS in the world. It was originally developed and maintained by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, based on the systems software architecture and implementation methodology developed by the U.S. Public Health Service jointly with the National Bureau of Standards. It is designed to provide a high-quality medical care environment for the country's military veterans. VistA has a proven track record of supporting a large variety of clinical settings and medical delivery systems.  VistA is in production today at hundreds of healthcare facilities across the country from small outpatient clinics to large medical centers. The software is currently used by the Indian Health Service and a number of other healthcare organizations around the world.

GT.M is an implementation of the Standard M programming system (M = MUMPS = Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System). VistA is written in Standard M. GT.M is an implementation of M from Fidelity Information Services. GT.M on the x86 GNU / Linux platform has been released as OSFS and can be downloaded from Source Forge.

WorldVistA recommends the use of OSFS and open standards, beyond the HIS stack. In particular, we use OpenOffice as our integrated office suite to develop all documentation, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. We suggest the use of Mozilla Firefox to view web pages.

We are deeply grateful to Source Forge for providing us with our place in cyberspace for this web site.

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