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Other VistA Adopters

Over the years, the VA VistA systems has been adopted by many healthcare organizations and tailored to meet their particular needs. Some examples of these include:

VistA & American Samoa—The American Samoan government successfully implemented the VistA system in the LBJ Tropical Medical Center.

VistA & D.C. Government—The D.C. government successfully implemented the VistA at one time but no longer uses it.

VistA & Oklahoma State Veterans Homes - Implemented VistA/CPRS in state-run veterans healthcare facilities. 

VistA Office EHR & HHS/CMS - The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) collaborating on an initiative to transfer VistA, the VHA’s Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system, to the private physician office setting. Targeted for release July 2005, the VistA-Office EHR system was abandoned and the code given to WorldVistA.  WorldVistA certified it with the then active certification body and with CMS for the first version of Meaningful Use.  Certifications for more recent versions of Meaningful use has proven too expensive to continue.

VistA & National Hansen's Disease Centers—The National Hansen's Disease Programs (NHDP), based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is primarily responsible for inpatient and outpatient care and treatment of Hansen's disease (leprosy).  In addition to the clinical programs in Baton Rouge, the NHDP also coordinates outpatient care for Hansen's disease patients throughout the U.S. at BPHC grant funded clinics as well as private physician offices. They brought up the Vista system in 1989 and updated their infrastructure in 2000.  They have a patient database size of 16,082 patients. 

VistA & Indian Health Service (IHS)—VA and IHS have a long history of working jointly on health information technology.  IHS has a system known as RPMS that has its roots in the VA VistA system.  

VistA & Department of Defense (DoD)—VA and DoD have a long history of working together on health information technology projects.  DoD has a system known as CHCS that has its roots in the VA VistA system.   This has recently been replaced by a Cerner based system.
VistA & State and Local Governments—VHA staff regularly provide information on VistA and arrange for demonstrations of the system to state, city, and county governments across the country that are interested in evaluating and possibly adopting VistA.   The State of North Carolina adopted WorldVistA EHR in its state psychiatric facility, Central Regional Hospital, where extensive enhancements were made and released in a virtual machine that can be downloaded here:

VistA & International Healthcare Communities—A number of countries have either implemented VistA or have expressed an interest in evaluating and possibly implementing the system. These include: Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Panama but the most extensive implementations are in Jordan (EHS - and India (The All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( and private entities as well).
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