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1st WorldVistA Webinar: Reminders

Instructor lead online VistA training.

Patrick Redington, Alan Montgomery and Anthony Puleo will be teaching an online Reminder class for the VistA community beginning April 20, 2011. Patrick and Anthony are developers for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Patrick for the Reminders package and Anthony for the CPRS.  Alan provides support for Reminders at the national level for the VA. Patrick and Alan presented the Reminders session at the VistA Community Meeting hosted at George Mason University. Anthony gave the presentation for CPRS. This is truly the "Dream Team" for Reminders.

The course will be held Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM EDT. The instructors anticipate it will take 12-16 weeks to cover the material they have to present. It will assume no prior knowledge of Reminders and will take the students to the most advanced level. The instructors are committed to teach it until they are done, so it may even take longer.

There will be homework each week. Students will all have accounts on the same system that is used for teaching for doing their homework.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the homework during the class the following week.

Topics that will be covered will include the following, each of which have many functions that fit within their scope.

  • Reminder definitions

  • Reminder dialogs

  • Reminder reports

  • Patient lists

  • Reminder extracts

The reminders package is probably the VistA package that is most responsible for the VA being recognized as having the "Best Care Anywhere."

Medsphere has generously offered to host the classes on their WebEx account. The intent is to record the meetings. We will have more information about that later after the account is set up.

The fee for the 12 or more classes is $400.

If there are questions or if it is a hardship for you to cover the fee, please contact .

The registration link follows. If possible, please provide a telephone number that will work in the evening as well as one for the daylight hours when you register so that Nancy can help you get your account set up on the server when the time comes to do it.  You will also receive the information about the WebEx via email before the classes.

The link to register for Reminders Classes is:

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