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EWD Online Training - 10 Weeks to the Future of VistA

Although this groundbreaking online course is over, all  10 of the sessions were recorded and the slides provided.  You can have access to all of  these resources by signing up for the course using the link below. 

The course will take you through the basics of building a mobile web application with a GT.M or Cache back-end database, using the EWD framework. After learning how to install and configure EWD, you'll be taken step by step through the construction of an ever-more complex application that will be capable of running on an iPhone, iPad, Android device and even a desktop browser. The course will also explain EWD's compiler, the EWD Session, the EWD Ajax model and the built-in automatic security mechanism, all of which combine to give EWD its unique power and ease of use.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nancy Anthracite (nanthracite at earthlink dot net).


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