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HTML Note Rendering Now Available

A whole new era for Veterans Affairs VistA has begun with Kevin Toppenberg, MD's new TMG-CPRS (TMG v1.1) client.  The new tmg-cprs client enables clinical notes to be rendered in html. This allows mixed typefaces, bold, center, right justification, left justification and italics in clinical notes while maintaining compatibility with Veterans Affairs cprs.


Dr. Toppenberg announced on the Hardhats list.

"Features (including older additions):
--HTML viewing
--HTML Editing
--Add a patient,
--Edit patient demographics
   Simple page
   Advanced page (allows editing of all fields in PATIENT file)
--Multilingual support
--Colored tabs
--User-customizable splash screen image

Let the testing begin. Yes there are likely bugs, and I have some ideas for additional features.  And a manual needs to be written.

Let me know what you guys think"



About this development, Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS demonstrated its capabilities and wrote in the first posted screenshot "This changes everything! Thanks Kevin!"
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