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Reports of MUMPS Programmer Mass Extinction Greatly Exaggerated

The VistA community replies to Jonathan Bush that reports of MUMPS programmers' total extinction have been greatly exaggerated.

Jonathan Bush of Athena Health in this interview claims that "There's nobody left alive that can write MUMPS anymore!" Many MUMPS programmers in the VistA community on the Hardhats list responded with surprise and incredulity: "I'm dead?...Why doesn't somebody tell me these things...?" The  Hardhats list is usually teeming with activity. This along with programming resources summarized in Introduction to Programming VistA  with MUMPS seem to indicate that there are many MUMPS programmers that seem to be very much alive.

The VistA community invites Jonathan Bush to visit many supposedly dead MUMPS software engineers on Hardhats as well as peruse the recently ported GUI-Scheduling module that employed a living, breathing MUMPS software engineer. If you would like to comment on the interview please follow this LINK


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