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Conference FAQ

1. WorldVistA never previously charged for membership or for conferences. Why has this changed?

While every effort is made to minimize the cost of organizing and staging WorldVistA conferences, and other WorldVistA activities, there are fixed and variable costs which must be paid. With the significant growth in interest in VistA and expanding scope of VistA Community Meetings, continuing to rely on donations and the generosity of WorldVistA's Officers and Directors to cover these costs is no longer feasible.

2. Do I need to be a member to be able to use the software?

Any software whose development is funded by WorldVistA will be FLOSS (Free/Libré and Open Source Software). You will not need to be a member to access or use such software

When software is not funded by WorldVistA, we will encourage the funding organization to make it available as FLOSS, but ultimately the decision of the funding organization will determine the terms of usage.

3. I previously became a member of WorldVistA. Do I still need to pay a membership fee?

Yes, the annual membership fee is US$100.

4. It is difficult for me to afford the membership and conference fees. Can I get some relief?

Perhaps. If you are on limited income (retired, a full-time student, unemployed, a Government employee, or a resident of a less developed country), your annual membership fee is US$50. Please contact Nancy Anthracite (nancy at worldvista dot org) to request the reduced rate.

Since there are costs associated with organizing the conference, we are unable to discount the conference rate (but see below).

If membership and/or conference registration would be a difficult financial burden for any reason (whether or not you are in one of the limited income categories above) and you are a personal contributor to the advancement of VistA in the community, please contact Nancy Anthracite (nancy at worldvista dot org). The Officers and Directors have budgeted funds from which she can reimburse you. By using this mechanism, only Nancy, and one other person from the WorldVistA Board, who will need to audit Nancy's use of the funds and who will not be associated with the VA, will know who you are. You should contact her in advance before paying your membership and registering for the conference.

Since there is a limited budget for relief, please contact Nancy as soon as possible if you would like assistance.

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