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19th VistA Community Meeting Presentations - National Library of Medicine

File Database encryption of GT.M
K.S. Bhaskar, Fidelity National Information Systems
File Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre's multi-year clinical transformation program: The Selection Process
Udai Kumar (on behalf of RGCI)
File VistA/RPMS and the Virtual Center for Collaboration, Open Source, and Innovation (COSI) in Healthcare
Peter Groen, Director Shepherd University Research Corporation
File EHR Implementation: An Operational Approach for "Meaningful Use"
Matthew King, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Clinica Adelante
File Interoperable Health Information: How Can NLM Help? (Keynote Address)
Betsy Humphreys, Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine
File Vendor Presentation: Medsphere
Ben Mehling
File OpenVista Technologies: Open projects, technologies and releases from (OV Server, CIS, OVID, GT.M, and other releases)
Ben Mehling and Jon Tai
File Meaningful Use Matrix
Johanna Barraza-Cannon and Jeffrey Weinfeld, HRSA
File Presentation by Health Resources and Services Administration
Johanna Barraza-Cannon and Jeffrey Weinfeld, HRSA
File CCR/CCD Project Update - RXNorm support for VistA and RPMS
George Lilly and Sam Habiel
File Behavioral and Mental Disorders: Terminologies and Open Standards for Quality Improvement
Saul Rosenberg, PhD, University of California, San Francisco
File Vendor Presentation: DSS
Hugh Creedon
File Using Virtual Machine with VistA
John Leo Zimmer
File NIST’s Activities in Health Information Technology: Past, Present, and Future
Bettijoyce Lide, Scientific Adviser and Program Coordinator, Health IT
File Laika: EHR System and Network Compliance Testing Resource
Shauni Deshmukh, MITRE
File Current Development in RPMS and the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Howard Hays, MD, MSPH, RPMS Investment Manager, IHS Office of Information Technology
File Health IT 2020: Supporting the ARRA Stimulus Goals through Collaboration and IT Solutions
Marc Wine, M.H.A., Senior Health Systems Advisor
File New Paths to Certification
Dennis Wilson – Certification Technology Director, CCHIT
File HITECH: The CMS Angle
Jessica P. Kahn, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
File Overview of Jordan's National VistA Implementation Initiative
Joseph Dal Molin, President, e-cology corporation, VP WorldVistA
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