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21st VistA Community Meeting June 8-11, 2010

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  • VistA Community Meeting
When Jun 08, 2010 04:30 AM to
Jun 11, 2010 10:00 AM
Where George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
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Contact Phone 1.416.232.1206
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"The place to connect with people if you are serious about VistA"


21st VistA Community Meeting, June 8-11

 was held at

The Johnson Center at George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia

Co-Hosted by

GMU Center for Health Information Technology
GMU Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics


About the 21st VistA Community Meeting

The goal of VistA Community Meetings is for those involved in the VistA Community to network & collaborate, i.e., to share ideas and work, with the objective of moving VistA & the VistA community forward.  VistA Community Meetings are highly interactive, hands-on, working meetings.  Please come prepared to contribute as well as to learn.

Compared to most meetings, VistA Community Meetings are relatively unstructured.  The agenda is always a draft agenda, because attendees are free to change it – even during the meeting – in order to  better meet their objectives. VistA Community Meetings were originally almost exclusively technical meetings.  Over time, the balance shifted, so that although there is still a strong technical focus, there are increasingly discussions on other aspects, including implementation, support, demonstration, education, training, and WorldVistA organizational issues (e.g., membership).

This meeting is special as it will be having VistA domain experts from the VA  discussing their current work an plans for the future.  We expect several domains to be covered even though  a few are on the speakers list so far.

Please come prepared to discuss your interest in and work with VistA.  If you wish to present material, please come prepared with your presentation, either electronic or a poster.  There will be ample
opportunities to present your work to others who are interested.



Day 1 Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Time Dewberry Hall - Bottom Floor Johnson Center
Room E 334 - 3rd Floor Johnson Center
08:00 Arrive, network, pick up name tags
09:00 Meeting Overview and Logistics
09:15 Welcome
09:30 Introductions - Who, Why & Success

Since networking and collaboration are the most important goals of VistA Community Meetings, an important activity at VistA Community Meetings is for all attendees to introduce themselves.  Each of us will take a maximum of 60 seconds to tell the group:
  • Who I am and what organization(s) I am associated with.
  • What my interest in VistA is.
  • What would make the meeting a success for me.

10:45 Break Break
11:00 Phillip Longman, Author of "The Best Care Anywhere" *

12:00 Lunch Lunch
13:15 Ben Mehling: Medsphere OpenSource Releases
Ed Meagher - Chairman of the VistA IAC Committee - Review of the IAC Report

14:45 Break Break
15:00 Dr. Ajay Dewan  - Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Delhi, India: Site Adopters Report Sam Habiel - GUI Scheduling
15:45 Stuart Nelson, MD – NLM – RxNorm and MyMedicationList and MyRxPad * (Maybe start up to 15 minutes late) Anthony Puleo CPRS Developer short presentation and Q&A session - Learn what is coming with CPRS 28 !*+
16:30 Dr Stuart Nelson - continues with short presentation on SNOMED US Extension. *
Vendor presentation: Laura Morales SmartHealth - VistA in Puerto Rico

Informal Discussion Group - Those with Special Interest in Family History, Social History and Past History for Meaningful Use and the CCD/CCR/NHIN who have been working together invite anyone else who wishes to join the discussion.
Day 2 Wednesday, June 09, 2010
Time Dewberry Hall - Bottom Floor Johnson Center
Room E 334 - 3rd Floor Johnson Center
08:00 Arrive
09:00 Syed Timizi - GMU Faculty – Evidence Based Clinical Decision Support * Ben Mehling and Andy Pardue - Extending the Platform *
09:45 Kevin Toppenberg CPRS Enhancements
Ben Mehling and Andy Pardue - Extending the Plarform *
10:30 Break Break
10:45 Matt McCall - Business Development Coordinator and
Christopher Edwards - Program Engineer -KRM – Personal Health Record *
Matt King - Modifying Default VOE Clinical Reminders to comply with CMS Meaningful Use Indicators
11:30 K.S. Bhaskar - FIS - Wholesome Practices for Securing the Production Environment with GT.M and Linux Rick Marshall - Roadmap for Improving VistA in both the VA and the Private Sector *
12:15 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Douglas Rosendale, MD - VA Enterprise System Manager-Provider Systems (acting) -Transitional Architecture for HIT. How to get from where we are to where we want to be. * Ferdinand Frankson (EDS Contractor for Dept. of Veterans Affairs) - Lexicon *
 – What is new and what is coming with the Lexicon.
14:15 George Lilly - CCR -CCD *
Kevin Meldrum – Emergency Department Integration Software*
15:00 Break Break
15:15 Coner Dowling - VistA - the first (and so far only) Semantic Web EMR *

16:00 George Lilly - ePrescribing *
Wally Fort & Ron DiMiceli - VA Domain Experts - Kernel and KIDs *
WorldVistA Vendor Advisory Council Meeting

Day 3 Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time Dewberry Hall - Bottom Floor Johnson Center
Room E 334 - 3rd Floor Johnson Center
08:00 Arrive
09:00 Brian Behlendorf – HHS Consultant and Open Source Guru (Apache and others) – NHIN CONNECT and Direct CONNECT *
Mike Mims, Ron Ruzbacki, Lina Bertuzis and Sachin Sharma will entertain questions about Pharmacy reingineering.
09:45 Linda Fischetti & Joseph Tastrom – Innovations Program in the VA * Alan Montgomery and Patrick Redington - VA Domain Experts on Clinical Reminders *
10:30 Break Break
10:45 Howard Hays – IHS - Certification and Meaningful Use and Plans to Support These Efforts in Indian Country * Jim Hebsleb - Carnegie Mellon University - VistA Ecosystem: Critical Choices for Robust Innovation*
11:30 Ignacio Valdes - Why Astronaut matters, new features and future directions for the VistA community.
Syed Bokhari -  Clinic Flow and Templates with some Technical Content for Advanced Templating *
12:15 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Roger Baker, CIO Dept of VA *
14:30 Break Break
14:45 Robert Kolodner - Chief Health Informatics Officer, Open Health Tools, Inc. & President, Collaborative Transformations, LLC - VistA in a Changing World *
Brian Juergensmeyer VA developer for Clinical Procedures and Flow Sheets - Question and Answer Session *
15:30 Jason C. Goldwater, MA, MPA -Health IT Project Manager,  NORC at the University of Chicago - Speaking on behalf of Dr. David Blumental, ONCHIT *
Kevin Cownie & Sid Dane - VA - BCMA Contingency (Local backup for use in a network failure) *
Steve Watson to lead a community discussion of applying for a Small Business Innovation Research Grant.
Day 4 Friday, June 11, 2010
Time Dewberry Hall Room 2
08:00 Arrive
Vendor: Ben Mehling – Medsphere Corporate Overview
Rob Tweed - EWD Update
09:45 Vendor : Bhaskar - FIS - Open Source GT.M Kevin Toppenberg - What to do when it doesn't work.
10:30 Break Break
10:45 Valerie Powell - Development of Instructional Materials for VistA

Demonstration Research Program for Integration of Medical and Dental Records

Integration of Medical and Dental Records in Open Source VistA

Jordan Sparks - Open Dental
12:15 Lunch Lunch



We would like to express our appreciation to George Mason University for hosting the meeting.