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22nd VistA Community Meeting January 14-16, 2011

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  • VistA Community Meeting
When Jan 14, 2011 03:00 AM to
Jan 16, 2011 12:00 PM
Where University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Contact Name
Contact Phone (240) 793-7436
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"The place to connect with people if you are serious about VistA"

22nd VistA Community Meeting, January 14-16

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

About the 22nd VistA Community Meeting

The goal of VistA Community Meetings is for those involved in the VistA Community to network & collaborate, i.e., to share ideas and work, with the objective of moving VistA & the VistA community forward.  VistA Community Meetings are highly interactive, hands-on, working meetings.  Please come prepared to contribute as well as to learn.

This meeting will have a focus on the development effort towards certification and will include presentations by VistA domain experts from the VA discussing their current work an plans for the future. 

There is also a track which will be attended by invited elite developers organized by Rick Marshall of the VistA Expertise Network that will focus for one day each on planning for the furture development of open source lab, fileman and kernel.


Compared to most meetings, VistA Community Meetings are relatively unstructured.  The agenda is always a draft agenda, because attendees are free to change it – even during the meeting – in order to  better meet their objectives. VistA Community Meetings were originally almost exclusively technical meetings.  Over time, the balance shifted, so that although there is still a strong technical focus, there are increasingly discussions on other aspects, including implementation, support, demonstration, education, training, and WorldVistA organizational issues.

Please come prepared to discuss your interest in and work with VistA.  If you wish to present material, please come prepared with your presentation, either electronic or a poster.  There will be ample opportunities to present your work to others who are interested.

Meeting Organization

If you would like to make a presentation, please contact Nancy Anthracite as soon as possible.

Tracks for VistA Community Meetings are ultimately decided by the attendees, their interests and their ability to present.  Below are the current tracks for the 18th VistA Community meeting.  Please contact the coordinators for more information on each track.  Please contact Nancy Anthracite to provide feedback and discuss the tracks themselves.

Living Agenda

The meeting's living agenda is still evolving and will continue to evolve till the end of the meeting.  Check back regularly or use the RSS link for the Upcoming Events on the home page.


Registration is now open:

Registration Fees (Full conference January14 - 16)
  • WorldVistA Members Full Conference: $375.00
  • WorldVistA Members Day Rate: $175.00
  • Non Member Full Conference: $475.00
  • Non Member Day Rate: $275.00
  • Federal and Educational Rate: $175.00

Lunches and food & drink at breaks are included in the fee.

Scholarships & Waivers

In previous VistA Community Meetings, thanks to donations from benefactors, we were able to offer a limited number of "scholarships" to those who have the potential and interest in contributing to the VistA community, but who have not yet acquired the expertise to make technical contributions.  WorldVistA has decided to formalize these as the Tom Ackerman Memorial Scholarships.  In addition to funding scholarships with "current" donations, we would also like to establish a corpus from which to provide stable funding for scholarships to VistA events.  Please contact Nancy Anthracite to request a scholarship - or if you or your organization would like to make a donation to the Tom Ackerman Memorial Scholarship fund.  Donations can be made anonymously or as named funds that are publicly acknowledged.

If you are a WorldVistA member, and you will be making technical contributions to the conference, you may request a waiver of the conference fee.  Please contact Nancy Anthracite to request a waiver.


Please contact Nancy Anthracite if your organization would like to sponsor a lunch or breaks



We will be meeting at the South Campus Center Room 316 Friday morning. See the directions and link for a map below.

Do plan to arrive for registration between 8:00 - 9:00 AM (PST), as the first presentation will start promptly at 9:00 AM. A light breakfast will be provided, bagels, fruit, juice, and coffee. So come early, get your badge, have a bite to eat and get settled in.


The 22nd VistA Community Meeting will be held at the University of Washington Health Sciences Building, located at 1705 NE Pacific St.; and at the University of Washington South Campus Center, located at 1601 Columbia Road. See for a map, directions and parking information.


Group rates are available here:

Silver Cloud Inn

5036 25th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105

(800) 205-6940 (phone)
(206) 526-5200 (phone)
(206) 522-1450 (fax)

Discount rates available for the following dates:

Thursday 13 - Sunday 16th (Monday check-out)

(1) King bed $129.00
(2) Queen beds $139.00

Above are double occupancy rates. A third person will incur a charge of $15.00 per night
(Hotel room tax 15.6% not included in rate)

Group discount code "Vista Community Meeting"
Discount rate ends on Thursday, December 23, 2010

Complimentary breakfast | Free parking, local shuttle | Complimentary wi-fi and DSl Internet service | Indoor pool, spa and exercise facility


WorldVistA expresses its gratitude to the University of Washington to make this meeting possible, and in particular to Arden Forrey and Gretchen Murphy

Event Contacts

Nancy Anthracite / nancy *at* worldvista *dot* org - Presentation offers and scholarship requests

Peter Bodtke / pbodtke *at* worldvista *dot* org - Online registration issues

Presenters and Developers

Below is a list of speakers expected to present and the invited developers who will be working laying out a road-map for the future of lab, fileman and kernel. More presentations will be scheduled. Watch this space for the detailed agenda.


Speakers and Developers
Roger Baker, CIO Dept. of Veterans Affairs - 11:45 Saturday AM
George Lilly,  VP WorldVistA
Chris Richardson,  VP WorldVistA
Dave Whitten, CTO WorldVistA
Syed Bokhari, MD - AAA EMR Solutions
Nancy Anthracite, President WorldVistA
Rick Marshall, VistA Expertise Network
John McCormack, Lab Developer, Department of Veterans Affairs (and Meaningful Use for Lab)
Frank Stalling, Lab Developer
Larry Carlson, Lab Developer, Department of Veterans Affairs
Janet Gray - Lab Developer
Dan Gray - Lab Developer

Rob Silverman - Developer Medication Reconciliation - 9 AM Friday Jan 14

Matthew Greene - Meaningful Use Team Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Greg Woodhouse, VA Developer, Fileman, Kernel (and HL7 lectures)

Rob Tweed - M Gateway (EWD)

Joseph Puthooran - Edgeware

George Timson, Fileman Developer

David LaLiberte, Fileman & Kernel Developer, IHS

Skip Ormsby, Fileman Developer

Floyd Dennis, IHS, Fileman and Kernel Developer

? Terry Roth (confirmation pending)

? FJ Evans (confirmation pending)

Ignacio Valdes, Astronaut

Theresa Cullen, IHS CIO

Howard Hays, IHS

Kevin Meldrum, VA (Aviva Team)

Fabian Lopez, DSS maintains the collaboration site for vxVistA

Wayne Kaniewski, Twin Cities EMR Consulting, LLC

Robert Felder - Dept.  VA, Portland

Jason Hawsey - CPRS Developer Department of Medicine

Bill Lober - University of Washington - OpenELIS

Jan Flowers - Universtiy of Washingon - OpenELIS


Track 1 - Expert Track 

Friday - Lab

Saturday and Sunday- Lab Discussion Continuing- Fileman and Kernel Rescheduled

Room T663 Health Sciences Building, 1705 NE Pacific Street, Seattle Washinton 98195 - Call 240-793-7436 if you are lost and Nancy will try to get you some help. Dial-in for those participating will probably be (760) 569-0800 Access Code: 819555# 

Track 2 - Agenda for VistA and Meaningful Use Track

This is a first pass on the agenda and we know most people on this schedule didn't know where they would be on it or may be surprised in some other way.  Some are not listed here and expected to be. 

So don't despair or explode, just write to nancy *at* worldvista *dot* org to express your concerns and she will contact you.

Check back frequently for changes.

Day 1 Friday, January 14, 2011 - 

Room A - Exact location TBA
Room B - Exact location TBA

08:00 Arrive, network, pick up name tags / Breakfast (Sponsored by Fourth Watch Software LC)
09:00 Medication Reconciliation - Ron Silverman, Developer, Department of Veterans Affairs (this is the only time Ron could present, so Introductions will be delayed *

09:45 Welcome & Introductions - Who, Why & Success

Since networking and collaboration are the most important goals of VistA Community Meetings, an important activity at VistA Community Meetings is for all attendees to introduce themselves.  Each of us will take a maximum of 60 seconds to tell the group:
  • Who I am and what organization(s) I am associated with.
  • What my interest in VistA is.
  • What would make the meeting a success for me.

10:30 Break Break
11:00 Introduction to Meaningful Use - George Lilly,  Developer and Vice President, WorldVistA

Jason Halsey - CPRS Developer  CPRS 28 - the next CPRS*

12:30 Lunch (sponsored by GT.M)
1:30 Rob Tweed - Use of the open source EWD to create mobile applications for VistA for use with iPhone, iPads and Androids

2:15 Robert Felder - Developer, Dept. of Veterans Affairs - Patient Kiosk and other class 3 software going to class 1 software
Break (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network) Break
Kevin Meldrum, developer, Dept of VA, AVIVA *

Syed Bokhari, MD - AAA EMR Solutions - Meaningful Use - Vitals & BMI, Problem List, Access Control (User Setup), Emergency Access (Patient Lists), Discharge Summary

Close of the day - planning group dinners recommended!

Day 2
Saturday, January 14, 2011 
Room T747 Health Sciences Building, 1705 NE Pacific Street, Seattle Washinton 98195 - Call 240-793-7436 if you are lost and Nancy will try to get you some help


08:30 Arrive / Breakfast (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network)
09:00 Matthew Green, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Meaningful Use Team - Plans and Discussion.  If this session runs over, it will be extended into the second room for those who are interested. *

09:45 Howard Hays, MD - Indian Health Service - Meaningful Use in the IHS

10:30 Break Break
11:00 Measure Calculations - Syed Bokhari & George Lilly

11:45 Roger Baker, CIO, Department of Veterans Affairs *

12:30 Lunch (Sponsored by OHUM Healthcare & Sequence Managers Software)
1:30 Incorporation of Lab Results and Submission of Lab Results for Public Health - John McCormack, VA Lab Developer
2:15 Fabian Lopez - vxVistA Collaborative site Room T473
Greg Woodhouse - VistA HL7 technical overview
3:00 Break (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network) Break
ePrescribing - George Lilly and Denise LeFevre
Immunization Reporting - Nancy Anthracite, John McCormack & Greg Woodhouse Highlights from VeHU - Dave Whitten
End for the day - more group dinners recommended.

Day 3 Sunday, January 14, 2011 - T747


08:30 Breakfast Breakfast (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network)
09:00 The Patient Demographics Preferred Language  and the relationship to Internationalization; Patient Reminders preferred method of notification - Expanding the choices using standards - Chris Richardson

09:45 Rob Tweed - EWD advances with VistA this weekend

10:30 Break Break
Matthew Greene - Continued discussion about Meaningful Use with the Department of Veterans affairs

11:45 VistACom - George Lilly (CCR, CCD, timely access, electronic exchange, etc.)

12:30 Lunch (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network)
1:30 KS Bhaskar - Introduction to GT.M - the open source M implementation
Astronaut - Ignacio Valdez
Room T733

Rob Tweed -Node.js with EWD and potential for use with VistA Joseph Puthooran - Short Vendor presentation of a PMS, Bidirecational Lab Interface and Surgical enhancements Room T733
Break (Sponsored by VISTA Expertise Network) Break
3:30 Pediatric Growth Charts - Kevin Toppenberg (tentative) & Nancy Anthracite, Timeouts for Users in VistA/Nancy Anthracite, - Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy / Wayne Kaniewski - early work on a family history GUI Rob Tweed - NoSQL advantages and advances in the use of Non-SQL type databases of which MUMPS is one of many.
 Room T733
Bill Lober & Jan Flowers, University of Washington -OpenELIS Global Laboratory Information System

Rob Tweed - NoSQL (continued)
Room T733
End of Meeting - Have a safe trip home.

* means this presentations can't be moved!