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7th VistA Community Meeting

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  • VistA Community Meeting
When Jun 06, 2003 12:35 AM to
Jun 09, 2003 12:35 AM
Where Sacramento, CA
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Seventh VistA Community Meeting: Sacramento, California -- 5-8 June 2003

The VistA community meeting in Sacramento California was held on June 5, through June 8, 2003
In lieu of a report, the readme file from the CD-ROM created at the end of the meeting outlines
the work that was done.

Software will shortly be available at

O p e n V i s t A 2.51 C D

June 8, 2003

The participants of the VistA community meeting in Sacramento, California,
would like to thank the Information Resource Management of VISN 21 of the
US Department of Veterans Affairs, and in particular Jeff Shyshka and Eric
Raffin, for their hospitality in hosting the meeting, and to Chris
Richardson for local arrangements.

Please note: Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs who
participated in the meeting were volunteering their time as individuals and
did not represent the VA.

This CD contains the Pacific Telehealth and Technology Hui OpenVistA
version 1 release 2.5 with additional materials from the VistA community
meeting held in Sacramento, June 5-8, 2003. The primary change to
OpenVistA 2.5 was the addition of globals, resulting in a new GT.M global
output file that replaces the file distributed by the Hui. George Timson's
changes for internationalization are an optional additional component. To
distinguish between the two releases, the release from the VistA community
meeting is referred to as OpenVistA 2.51.

Contents of the release are as described below.

1) Notes from the Sacramento meeting and a roadmap to VistA software &
documentation. These are in BobMiller.tgz.

2) OpenVistA 2.5 as distributed by the Hui, except globals, are in

3) The GT.M V4.3-FT18 distribution from Source Forge is in the file

4) Globals for OpenVistA 2.51 in OpenVistA_globals_v2.51.zwr.gz.
Changes made were as follows:

a. Addition of globals for HL7 messaging.

b. VistA system manager, physician, and patient as follows:

System Manager,System
Manager: Access Code=1234SYS
Verify Code=1234SYS!

Physician: Love,Strange
Access Code=1234DOC
Verify Code=1234DOC!

Patient: Simpson,Bart

5) George Timson's FileMan internationalization enhancements are in
GeorgeTimson.tgz, and can be placed in the $gtmroutines ($ZROUTINES)
search path ahead of the routines from the Hui. See Bhaskar's
vistaprofile file for an example of how to set this up.

6) In TomKroeger.tgz is a list of the commands used by Tom M. Kroeger
to install OpenVistA and his comments on and errata for the Pacific
Hui installation instructions.

7) The Windows GUI for VistA, CPRSChart.exe, is in CPRSChart.exe.gz.
Please note that this will complain about CPRS being an older
release than VistA.

8) In VA VistA Highlights 6-7-03.doc.gz, highlights of VistA are
summarized by Tom Ackerman.

9) Release 4 of Diamond (for Cache) is available as Diamond.tgz,
provided by Fil Beza. This is a version which does not include
the FixIt tools, nor VPE. Please note that text files probably have
as line terminators.

10) A snapshot of the documentation & software for the VA's BCMA backup
system. The BCMA backup is a complete implementation of VistA
designed to run in each ward and continuously updated with data for
in-patients from the main VistA server. In the event the main
server goes down, the BCMA-bu system will have current in-patient
data. This is packaged in BCMA-bu.tgz. The file also contains a
document from Kevin Kearney on installing Kernel printers under

11) m2web-20030608.tgz and m2web_install.txt are contributions from Jim
Self and his colleagues at the University of California Davis for
web enabling GT.M applications.

12) There are two patch files from Wally Fort, hui-routines.rtn and
XU-275.rtn packaged in WallyFort.tgz. These files contain changes
that have not been fully tested with this install. Our
understanding is that these changes are related to changes needed to
make the FOIA releases of VistA run on GT.M. For those not faint of
heart, these routines may be loaded into a directory which is
arranged in a directory as directed in number 5 above (George

13) If OpenVistA is installed in a directory $HOME/OpenVistA, where
$HOME is the home directory of a user, two files from Bhaskar
packaged in Bhaskar.tgz may be useful. Place the mumps.gld file in
$HOME/OpenVistA/g, and the vistaprofile somewhere convenient, such
as $HOME/OpenVistA. Assuming that GT.M is installed in
/usr/local/gtm, executing ". /usr/local/gtm/gtmprofile" followed by
". vistaprofile" will set the GT.M environment variables needed to
run VistA. (note the single dot as a command executes bash commands
in a file within the current process). Mupip will create the
database file as $HOME/OpenVistA/g/mumps.dat.

Note: use tar zxvf to unpack files from a .tgz file.

This file was compiled by Bob Miller & K.S. Bhaskar based on contributions
from the participants of the VistA community meeting.